About Tampa wedding photographer
I’m a Tampa wedding photographer / Charleston wedding photographer and available for travel anywhere your heart desires. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Czechoslovakia.

After a couple of years working as an art director, I decided to move to the US to study graphic design and photography. During this time, I unexpectedly fell in love with a very handsome man, my future husband.

When I finished college, my love for this man was stronger than love for my country, so I decided to stay in the US. After 10 years of living in the most romantic city, Charleston, South Carolina, we moved to sunny Tampa, Florida. I’m so happy to call Tampa my home, but I’m also grateful that I have the opportunity to go back to Charleston quite often.

I absolutely love people, but also I get to enjoy peaceful days alone. I really savor interaction with different personalities and it’s amazing that the photography takes me to witness many lives and love stories.

About Tampa wedding photographer

1. I’m originally from Slovakia, Europe.

2. I have a bit of an obsession with chocolate.

3. My little family means the world to me.

4. I’ve done skydiving.

5. Traveling and exploring – my favorite things to do!

6. I love dogs. All breeds of all shapes and sizes.

7. I played accordion for 5 years.

8. My favorite sport is skiing.

9. I can speak 4 languages.

10. I’m kind of OCD-ish.

About Tampa wedding photographer

About tampa wedding photographer

About Tampa wedding photographer